Why Fat?

The idea of eating fat to burn fat is something so bizarre that you won’t believe at first.

Beginners to the ketogenic diet will have to welcome this new way of eating especially since most are coming from years of eating a traditional carb-heavy diet.

Depriving your body of carbohydrates is one of the keys of a successful keto diet.

Then there’s also the Atkins diet which also is a “low carb” diet, but unlike Atkins the keto diet calls for more fat.

That’s the difference between these two infamous diets.

The average calories for the keto diet is typically broken down as:

  • 75% Fats
  • 20% Protein
  • 5% Carbohydrates

You can read our Ultimate Guide To Keto Diet to get an even more thorough breakdown of how ketogenic diet works for beginners.

If you’re just starting out on the keto diet you might be struggling with reaching ketosis consistently.

This is usually one of two things…

You’re eating too many carbs..

or you’re not eating enough fat.

The Misconception of Fat

I know in the beginning of my keto journey my biggest concern was that I could eat “too much” fat.

I really think it was just my mentality holding me back from reaching ketosis and losing weight at a faster rate.

This is a concern most beginners have starting out on the keto diet.

…And this is because we’ve been programmed by society to think fat is bad.

You might be thinking that you will somehow eat too much fat, but the secret is that fat will actually suppress your appetite more than carbs do.

This means you’ll have less hunger pangs.

Now let me clear with this next point.

eating more fat for the sake of eating fat will not automatically put your body into ketosis.

There is a good fat and bad fat out there. You must choose the healthier fats that are available to not put yourself at any health risks.

In this post we will breakdown the types of fat you should consume on a regular basis to help you stay in ketosis and burn more fat.

1. Olive Oil

olive oil on keto

Olive oil is one of the most enriching fats you could consume on the keto diet. It’s one of the most healthiest options when cooking your food.

2. Almonds

almonds on keto

Almonds are great addition to keto diet. It helps with curbing your appetite throughout the day so it makes for a great mid day snack.

3. Avocado

avocado on keto

Avocado is perfect veggie to eat on keto. It is rich in potassium, copper, folate, Vitamin K, C, E, and B. Avocado is low in carbohydrates and has been shown to lower blood pressure. It is one of the healthiest veggie options on keto.

4. Coconut Oil

coconut oil on keto

Ready to lose belly fat? Coconut oil has been shown to help reduce visceral fat in your abdominal area. It’s a great addition to your diet and is one of the healthiest fats you could consume on keto.

5. Butter

butter on keto

I know you may be thinking that “butter is bad”, but that is furthest from the truth on the ketogenic diet. Butter is one of the most surprising additions to your diet, but it is also one of the most enriching.

Majority of the calories in butter is from fat so reaching ketosis is very possible with butter as an addition to your keto diet.


There you have it.

What fats have you found that help you reach ketosis faster? I’d like to hear what’s working for you on the keto diet.


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