So what are ketosis symptoms?

Let say you are a couple days in on the keto diet, but don’t know if you are burning ketones yet.

Entering ketosis is all about depriving your body of carbohydrates. You produce ketones when you consume high amounts of fats and use that fat as fuel.

Ketosis usually takes a few days to occur after you’ve began decreasing your carb intake. You’ll start to notice very evident ketosis symptoms after a week on keto.

Usually most opt for keto strips, but I find that these aren’t as accurate for testing ketones. They work to a certain extent, but I prefer you to “listen” to your body.

Within in the first week of your body adjusting to the ketogenic diet there are several ways you can tell you are in ketosis, but I wanted to give you top 3 signs you’re in ketosis:

  1. Rapid Weight Loss
  2. Increased Mental Energy and Focus
  3. Suppressed Appetite

1. Rapid Weight Loss

Ketosis Symptoms: 3 Positive Signs You're In Ketosis

When I started the keto diet I saw 9 pounds shed away in a blink of an eye. It happened so fast I had to step on the scale at least 3 or 4 times just to know it was real.

The rapid weight loss is the most eye-popping way to tell if you’re in ketosis. The immediate weight loss is a positive sign you are on the right track.

You should notice the few pounds you shed off is the excess water your body was holding onto when you had high glucose levels.

So the initial weight loss is not fat that you lose, but it definitely gives you that extra boost of motivation to keep going.

2. Increased Mental Energy and Focus

Ketosis Symptoms: 3 Positive Signs You're In Ketosis

One of the most immediate positive signs I was in ketosis was the insane amount of concentration and energy I had within the first few days.

Tasks that seemed boring before was all of a sudden just things to scratch off my to-do list.

Whether it’s waking up at 4AM to get to the gym or meeting deadlines on work projects, the mental and physical energy I possess on the keto diet is unlike anything before.

In combination to doing the keto diet intermittent fasting has been extremely helpful in speeding up ketosis.

The studies have been shown that ketosis has helped optimized brain function by improving cognition and mood.

The extra boost of energy goes a long way when taking on life and work.

3. Suppressed Appetite

Ketosis Symptoms: 3 Positive Signs You're In Ketosis

Due to the increased amount of fat your body is consuming on keto you will not experience a “hunger for more”.

The reason for this is because when you enter in a state of ketosis your brain triggers signals throughout your body that the fat you’ve just consumed in that in that cup of bulletproof coffee is good enough to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Your brain is your control mechanism that tells you when to eat and when to stop.

So what I’ve found is that when your body is going through ketosis you are less hungry on lesser calories than on any other diet where you have to count calories.

It’s been found that the increase of the hormone ghrelin is at the root of your suppressed appetite on keto.

Ghrelin is suppressed while you are in a state of ketosis. The ketone production assists in keeping this hormone at bay which helps keep you “feeling full” throughout the day.


I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it has answered some of your questions on ketosis.

When I first started the ketogenic diet, I just listened to my body. That’s it!

Of course there other signs to check for to see if your in ketosis, but you can “see” these signs.

That’s why I wrote this post for you now. It’s so important to educate yourself on keto and what it means. If you don’t look for these ketosis symptoms then chances are you aren’t properly following the diet.

Keep trying different keto meals stay evolving your diet so you never get bored.

Don’t give up your pursuit of optimum health and well-being.

What ketosis symptoms or signs you’ve noticed? What was your experience?


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